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One Plan, Many Possibilities

June 2021

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Every home we builds is unique, even when they are built from the same design.

When building a new home, you can really make it your own. This feature shows how homes can look unique, yet be based on the same floor plan. Every home we build is entirely different, even when they are built from the same design!

As the saying goes, everyone is unique, and we can make your home unique to you. Starting with the floor plan and going into details of roofing, cladding, window types and placement, along with other little touches that can make big or subtle differences. There are so many possibilities, it's all up to you. Here are just a few of the ways you can add your personal preferences and flare to your home.

Firstly it is important to think about the room layout and internal requirements, before thinking of your exterior. That’s where we can help, choosing the right plan and layout for your site and lifestyle. An exterior look can be achieved by many different features and approaches, so don’t let it dictate your floorplan, make sure your layout is functional for you. Exteriors have a variety of different features to add personality to a home, grand entranceways, weatherboard, stone, outdoor entertaining areas, bricks and colour schemes can give a home a unique look.

Living room: What do you need in a living room? Do you enjoy the serenity of minimalism, or a room showcasing lots of personality with vibrant colours and prints? Do you want the space to be open plan or would you like a separate lounge for the kids? There are many possibilities that can make a plan work for your needs. Do you want large windows, or a statement wall or a fireplace, these can all give a living space different themes and moods. Choose your colour scheme, curtains or blinds, wallpaper, flooring and make it yours. Here you can see how different a lounge can be, more minimal, or traditional, or with a definite theme and personality.

Kitchen: Kitchen design and the functionality is the highest priority when designing a kitchen, with this in mind kitchens are another important room of the house that you can modify to fit your unique needs. Tiles, splashbacks, tapware, handles, cupboards, layout and appliances are just a few of the options you get to choose in the design of your home to really make it your own. Kitchen layouts are one of the most important things in the design of a kitchen, ensuring this workspace functions uniquely to those who use it, modifications from sink placements, to ensuring the spice drawer is next to the stove are all possible adjustments to make a plan your own.

One plan can have many possibilities, when building a new home you can really make it your own. We can easily alter plans to fit your needs or design something from scratch to make sure your home is right for you. Every home we build is entirely different, even when they are built from the same design!

To learn more about the process of designing and building a home that works best for you, check out the ‘Our Process’ section.