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Decorating and Colour Trends with Resene

June 2020

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The right colour can do wonders for your new home. Here's some inspiration

The right colour can do wonders for your new home and is vital for creating your ideal living space and showing your personality. Resene has supplied paint and colour schemes in our homes for over 20 years and has been a trusted supplier since GJ’s Gardner Homes started building homes in New Zealand. Their new look in 2020 is the “Nomadic Traveller” that introduces a blend of earthy tones and creates a calm space to any area of the home.

This look represents the well-travelled, or those who dream of travelling, by evoking exotic destinations into the interior of your home. The look captures cultural influences and colours from an array of countries that gives it that unique feel. The strong bold lines of the colour-blocked walls were inspired by a bird’s eye view of the patchwork formed by farmers’ fields.

  • The rich dark brown fireplace and vertical stripe have been painted in the warm Resene Route 66 colour to create a focal point.
  • In contrast, the more neutral Resene Grey Olive is used on the upper left.
  • Resene Napa is used to the right side of the wall.
  • Resene Earthen is used at the bottom to frame the wall.
  • The whole look is grounded with the floor in Resene Quarter Spanish White, leaving the warmer shades space to shine.

When recreating this look in your new build or current home, firstly take a good look at the room or wall you’re painting to see how the shapes might be adjusted to your space, then look for areas you want to highlight. You’ll need a mix of dark and light shades in order to create the appearance of structure.

This living room continues to incorporate a calming colour tone that makes this a timeless yet contemporary look and helps to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

  • The wall colour of this living room is Resene Double Ash over a Resene Resitex textured finish.
  • The floor is Resene Silver Chalice to blend in with the calming environment.
  • The coffee table in Resene Helix.
  • Nesting tables in Resene Karaka.
  • Tall plant pot in Resene New Leaf.
  • Wide plant pot in Resene Karaka.
  • Brass ringed vases in Resene Permanent Green and Resene Helix — get a completely different look by swapping out Resene Permanent Green for a highly chromatic red like Resene Havoc (circular photo insert).
  • Add earthy texture to your walls (inside or out) with Resene Resitex Sandtex or Resene Resitex to create a Mediterranean style effect.
  • For a restful bedroom like this one, try Resene Wallpaper Collection EAR602 with Resene White Pointer on the floor and ceilings.
  • Resene Ethereal on a major piece of any furniture.
  • Add in accents in Resene Eighth Bokara Grey, Resene Peace, Resene Smoothie and Resene New Leaf.

When buying a new home or renovating, choosing the colour scheme for your home can be overwhelming, however, getting it right can be the key to creating a home you love. To get inspired for your new build or renovation, have a look at our inspiration section at https://www.gjgardner.co.nz/english/inspiration/. We have worked closely with our suppliers to create a portal that can be used to spark new ideas and help you create your ideal home and lifestyle by creating a website scrapbook. This tool helps you gather all the different pieces of information you like from our website and keeps it together in one easily accessible place. This is to ensure that your new build and next chapter in your life is tailored perfectly to your ideal way of living.