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Outward Bound - Compass Course

May 2016

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The NZ Master Franchise for G.J. Gardner Homes recently sent two deserving members of the wider team on the course of a lifetime. The Compass course at Outward Bound is designed for those early in their career, with the focus on developing personal confidence and a strong sense of self-responsibility.

Sam Hyland, Construction Administrator from the Rodney team, and Harris Hamilton, Junior Estimator/Construction Supervisor from the Manawatu team, were selected from a bunch of applicants to attend the course. Both are extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend the Compass course, and believe it truly was one of the best experiences of their lives! They each provide first hand insight into the Outward Bound course.

“It really pushed me to my limits physically and mentally,” believes Harris. “It was an awesome course that offered high ropes, night camping as a group, a 9 hour day tramp, 2 days of sailing (we had no wind because the weather was so good so it turned into 2 days of rowing), a 2 night Solo in the bush by ourselves (and possums), rock climbing, and a 12km run on the last day through the Queen Charlotte Track. It also had lots of team building exercises/challenges throughout the trip that change the way you think to work in a team environment. You also become close with your team and make some really good friends, which I can call Sam now.”

“I feel like I gained a lot of new skills to deal with a huge number of different situations that I can bring into the work place. Also with me loving the outdoors it has motivated me to get back into camping and continue my own personal fitness.”

Sam was apprehensive at first about even applying for the course, but once there was thankful for the push it gave her, “Physically and mentally I was pushed to limits that I never thought I would be able to achieve. I set goals outside my comfort zone and I achieved all of them.”

“I have learnt so much not only about myself but also about how different perspectives can change everything. We did a lot of team building activities which required a lot of communication; accurate information to body language. During these team activities it was so beneficial hearing other people’s perspectives, advice and ideas on your situations, it made me realise how different your perspective can be to another’s when faced with a challenge/situation.”

“I highly recommend the course. I have taken so many skills, tools and knowledge away from this that will run throughout not only my work life but personal also,” believes Sam.

Well done to Sam and Harris for taking on the challenge. The course looks to have left a lasting impression on the two, as they both look to apply what they’ve experienced into their respective lives.