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August 2018

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Taranaki and the Cancer Society

Our team in the Taranaki are passionate about raising money for the Cancer Society. They support the charity every year because it is "Pretty close to our hearts"

Rod Roebuck, Franchise Owner for Taranaki shares with us:

“I lost my Mum to cancer a couple of years ago. My business partner, Ben – his sister and Dad (My former boss and Franchise owner) are both survivors.”

Raising money for the Cancer Society is something they want to do for their local community “It’s definitely not for any accolades or recognition, we just want to help those people that are really suffering.” Rod says.

 This year, teams in the Taranaki Relay for Life raised just over $100,000 - with the G.J.’s team contributing in excess of $25,000. As a result, they received a beautiful ‘Platinum Partner’ recognition plaque which takes pride of place in their office. 

The team also raffled a playhouse which they built themselves on weekends and had tradies such as their painters help. They have also done quiz nights, sausage sizzles and even held a ‘Head Shaving Night’ to raise extra money. 


“We get a huge amount of support from friends, family, sub-contractors and suppliers and without them we would still raise money - but nothing close to what we have done this year.”

Rod says the team in Taranaki don’t even question giving up their time at nights and weekends to help out:

“It’s so amazing and something that I am incredibly grateful for. I don’t ask, they just offer.”


“We had a lot of people this year coming up to us with tears in their eyes, thanking us because we have made a difference in their lives or the lives of their loved ones with our donations and that is why we do it and will continue to do it.”

“Going through Mums battle was a real eye-opener, seeing the volunteers who do so much for those that are suffering and also people like me, their family that have their own struggles seeing their loved ones slowly dying is why I will do whatever I can to help raise money for them, because they rely totally on donations to survive.”

- Rod Roebuck.



Thanks Rod for taking the time to share your story with us.


Friday the 31st of August marks Daffodil Day 2018

The day encourages people to come together to support the Cancer Society's work in addition to providing an opportunity to raise awareness of cancer in New Zealand.

Donations go towards vital scientific research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer, as well as provide a wide range of support services, education and awareness campaigns/programmes for people affected by cancer throughout New Zealand.