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July 2018

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Building great communities through sports.

At G.J. Gardner Homes we are passionate about building great homes in great communities.

One way we help build great communities is through sports - something we are also very passionate about!

Below are a few highlights of what we are getting up to in the community. 



In one of our latest initiatives we partnered with The Waterboy charity from the Waikato. 

This heart-warming video below features Rob from 'Sons of Boxing' and one of his students Aminio. Aminio has reaped many of the benefits from Rob’s free gym and training including: discipline, fitness, and a positive mind-set.

“Having success at something gives confidence for everything”

A special thanks to Thomas Nabbs from The Waterboy, we are proud to partner with this charity as it continues to grow and build strong Kiwi communities through sport.

#StrongerCommunitiesThroughSport #GJsGreatSupportersOfSport

[embed width="480" height="270" class="leftAlone" thumbnail="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AFYSlKtwj_s/hqdefault.jpg?r"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFYSlKtwj_s[/embed] 


The Wakatipu Basin Red team wearing their G.J. Gardner uniforms!

Woohoo! Go well boys

Rugby Team


The Tauhara College Hockey Girls in their sponsored hoodies presented by Nathan Stirling of G.J. Gardner Taupo. 

This was a particularly special moment for Nathan who used to go to Tauhara College himself.

Good luck for the season ladies!





Our team in the Taranaki (pictured below) are passionate about raising money for the Cancer Society.

Making a difference and helping to find a cure is something very close to their hearts and the team don't even question giving up their time at night and on weekends to help out. 

This is the crew at the last Relay for Life! They've raised $20,000 so far - the most donated in the Central Region. 

We are proud of you team!