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Ask your builder to review your site (before you purchase it)

Have you found the location of your dreams? Before you sign up for the land we strongly recommend you get a builder to have a look at the site and get their opinion.

Or if you need some help sourcing a great section we can help with that too. Our sales team have great relationships with developers and realtors; we can help guide you on what sections are available now and what subdivisions may be opening soon.

Some key things to consider about a site:

  • Site contour – how flat/steep is your site? Remember that a sloping site will add additional earthworks costs.
  • What's under the surface? Getting a geo-technical report now may help to prevent unexpected costs later on.
  • Site drainage
  • Site aspect? Which direction will your house face? Do you have picturesque views to take into account?
  • Are there any covenants on the land that may limit height or range of materials you can build with?
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