Home Prep - Your Guide to a great home building experience.

Hello and welcome to the exciting journey of building your new home! Here at G.J.’s we’ve created ‘Home Prep’, it's purpose is to be a practical guide to help you build the home you really want with no regrets, and more importantly enjoy the process.

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Let Simon Barnett guide you through Home Prep

Home Prep is our new and exciting step-by-step guide to the building process. This book is not your typical glossy brochure, it is not designed to sell you one of our homes, or any home for that matter. What it is, is a practical guide to making informed decisions about the whole building process, including deciding whether to build new, and choosing the right builder, so you have a great building experience. 

Created from 20 years experience, research and customer feedback, the aim of the book is to help you achieve your dream home with no regrets. With the help of Simon Barnett we want you to work through this tool at your own pace, and you’ll cover off all sorts of questions you may otherwise not have thought about, giving you the confidence to get exactly what you want in your new home.

Go ahead, watch our series of videos that will give you a taste of what’s in this guide. Then order your copy and begin your journey to a great building experience.

Lets take a more detailed look at those four sections