Making you feel comfortable

“Being a single women building a home could have been challenging, but having Michele the sales consultant being another women I found it really easy to talk to her about what I wanted.”

—  Michele Halloran

It’s easy with G.J.’s

“The G.J. process is what we really liked about the whole experience. We sorted out the design, agreed on the price, paid the money and then we got a key at the end.”

—  Mark Going

G.J.’s are part of my business

“I find the G.J. Gardner process to be very smooth, I’ve had absolutely no issues with any of my builds. The G.J. experience has been, and still is great.

My business is property development, and if G.J.’s didn’t get it right, all the time, I just wouldn’t bring my business back.”

—  Chris Jennings

Turning our plans into something personal

“We worked off a concept plan but made our own changes along the way. The kitchen was too small so we got rid of the 4th bedroom and spilt it into a walk in pantry and the other half is a study.”

—  Chris & Janice Walter

Heaps cheaper than buying the second hand house over the hill!

“We actually thought it was out of our range to build but were quite shocked. We got a brand new home, how we wanted it in a better place right from the beginning. The process was so simple, easy and we got exactly what we wanted, we love it!”

—  Trevor Wolmarans

We built an investment property and we had such a good experience we decided to build one

“The building side is easy, picking the right site is difficult. I knew nothing about building G.J’s showed me everything. They were professional, friendly, helpful and they knew what they were talking about, was wonderful. Accommodating in every way, I cannot fault them at all. Recommend G.J. - definitely.”

—  Tony Devanney & Paula Bradley

Better than anything we ever planned on

“We live in a subdivision surrounded by other happy G.J. Gardner Homes customers. After building five homes before, we’d say G.J.’s are the best by far.”

—  Ray & Joan Mason

It was just all good, the G.J. Gardner people have just got it all sussed!

“I looked at buying an existing house but it was suggested to build. You literally take your wishlist to them and the general guidance was great. Everything was completed on time and there were no big deals or yucky surprises at the end of it all and my family love it. My experience with G.J. Gardner has just been fantastic, they have been more or less like a family, just so looked after me.”

—  Pauline Kitchen