A bit about us

In 2015, after years of success, the Rodney franchise of G.J. Gardner Homes was split into two businesses to better serve their customers. Thus, Rodney East and West were created.

Our Rodney West franchise is independently owned and operated by Matt and Rachael Lelean of Rodney West Residential Ltd.

Matt and Rachael are very proud to have lived in the Rodney West district for over 25 years, with both their daughters attending the local Huapai School and a long term family association that stretches back over 100 years to Huapai’s earliest settlers. 

Prior to becoming the proud owners of Rodney West, Matt was the General Manager of the larger Rodney franchise and Rachael joined the business after working in several leadership roles within the Finance Industry. She is already quite familiar with the G.J. family following her work with Onion Home Loans and Insurance - specialists in Construction Lending.

Matt and Rachael believe the key factors in creating a home that is just right for you are: good communication, understanding and teamwork. They respect and understand your individual needs and unique requirements when building a home.

Rodney have built more than 1,500 homes which shows their wealth of local building experience and knowledge. They are a committed team who have built a reputation that ensures all customers will receive excellent service, quality workmanship and quality product. 

By working together with you, the team can design and build a home that suits you, your lifestyle, and your needs.  The teams experience and passion are a real asset for those preparing to build a new home.

“We take immense pride in knowing that our dedicated team will build you a home that you will be extremely proud of.” – Matt Lelean

Helensville, Kumeu, Riverhead, Coatesville, are just some of the areas they build in, around the Rodney West District


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From March 1st 2012 changes to the Building Act 2004 mean that building work of homes affecting the structure or water envelope (as when building new homes), will be classified as Restricted Building Work and is required to be carried out by competent, appropriately licensed building practitioners. At G.J. Gardner Homes, all of our franchises operate within the requirements of Licensed Building Practitioners. If you require any further information about licensing please click the logo above to go to the Licensed building practitioners (LBPs) website website.

Rodney West
Proud supporters of our community

Local sponsorship and support is very much a focus of Matt and Rachael. The following are some of the teams and organisations that our Rodney franchise support: