I felt that I knew the house from top to bottom

“With no experience building before, we couldn't have been happier with the helpful and patient attitude of the G.J. staff. Making sure that everything was laid out simply, including the price, was really important to us. We got everything we needed from G.J. Gardner Homes.”

—  Brian & Wendy Wright

Nothing was forced, it was just easy

“Not wanting anything that was stock standard and having our own high expectations, right from the beginning we were impressed with what G.J. Gardner Homes had to offer. To get the design right for all our little changes was easy and we really enjoyed the process.”

—  Bryan & Annie van den Bergh

They really made us feel satisfied

“We are pretty fussy, we looked at all the processes and we were more than satisfied. We were so happy with the process, so happy that everything worked out that we are building again now. Our consultant was amazing. Ever so happy the second time.”

—  Graham & Carolyn Robinson

We tried to make every dollar count

“Ensuring that they kept within their budget, we were incredibly satisfied with the end result.”

—  The McInally Family