They always had solutions

“We were amazed at how easy the whole process was, even tweaking the plan. There was always a solution to potential problems.”

—  Ali & Peter Brogan

You can Trust G.J.’s

“There was no question of quality or support being compromised, you can trust G.J.’s - they made our vision and dream a reality.”

—  Dennis & Sandra Robinson

We found them very understanding to what our needs were

“This is our second build. We were relaxed with G.J.’s and unlike previous building companies we have worked with, instead of being constrictive we found them very understanding to what out needs were. There were no hold ups and everyone was planned. You need to feel comfortable with everything and right down to the last nail and bolt was really well done. They went the whole nine yards to get it completed and on time, we had no issues at all”

—  Leanne & Tony Boyce

Everyone had to have their own bedroom

“With a large family including six kids, a cat and a dog, we wanted to create a comfortable home with enough space for everyone, without the price tag.”

—  Nicole & Steve Banks

They just took the stress out of it

“Needing a place to work as well as their family home, the we spoke to G.J.’s about the best way to design our ideal home and income.”

—  Tania & Rob Randall

All finished in 12 weeks

“Coming from half-way across the world, the we wanted a company that we knew we could trust having never done it before.”

—  The Matthews Family

I would use G.J. straight up!

“G.J. Gardner was really accommodating and adjusted plans to suit our needs. The process of building was very important to us as we were living 300kms away. We found all staff exceedingly helpful. I would think G.J. would be No.1 choice.”

—  Wendy & Russell Cannon