A bit about us

Rabo Construct Ltd which is owned by Rachel Soakell, Dougal Paterson and Jeremy Waters.

This franchise undertakes larger project developments in the Manukau and Central Auckland area which include clients such as HNZ, Creating Communities, Tamaki redevelopment, Iwi, Church, and a select audience of large developers. These audiences have different demands from a customer perspective and governance expectations are also higher.

Rachel has a Masters in Architecture (Professional), Masters in Urban Design, Batchelor of Architectural Studies and a Diploma in Management. She had previous experience with an independent architectural firm before joining G.J.s approximately 6 years ago. Rachel is the primary point of contact in the business for both clients and suppliers and has a broad understanding of the architectural and building professions.

Dougal has 20 years in the project and property industry leading teams across multiple markets and has particular strengths in the innovation and design spaces.

Jeremy has a valuation background and during his 25 years in the property sector has specialised in project management and project delivery, master planning and strategic advice.

The Owners say of their decision to join G.J.s – “the company needed to resonate our own values around integrity, honesty and pride in a brand. G.J.’s is a great NZ Inc story that has built it’s success on it’s people, it’s values, and it’s delivery. All of this has gone to a brand story that is both impressive and sincere. Overlaying all of this is the culture which has always resonated for us as a key success factor and something to nurture and grow.”

Manukau Major Projects