Escea Frameless Fireplaces

10 October 2019

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Divide a room or define indoor/outdoor spaces with Escea’s new DS Series – in single or double-sided variations.

A frameless fireplace with a minimalist aesthetic and maximum appeal, drawing your eye straight to the flames.

With a glass fronted design, it also means that there is no compromise in heat efficiency.

Enjoy design freedom and put your fireplace anywhere you like with Escea’s Power Flue technology that gives the flues the flexibility to run upwards, downwards or even sideways up to 12 meters.

 With the 'Zero Clearance' technology, you have endless options when it comes to fireplace surround materials. 


Escea Greytown Blog Images3

DS1150 Woodland Selection Double Sided 2 lo res

Above: The Double Sided fireplace can act as a room divider between living spaces, while visually connecting and heating two different rooms. 


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