Thank You

05 May 2019

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Thank You.

Through independent research, we're proud to say you have recognised us as your 'Most Trusted Home Builders' in New Zealand for 2019. 

Grant Porteous, G.J. Gardner Homes New Zealand’s managing director, was jubilant to learn the team had again won this award.

“Our New Zealand-wide team will be ecstatic, our entire business’s success is driven by our customer’s trust and satisfaction. Hence our long-standing vision, to have every customer recommend us to their closest friend, being the beacon that leads everything we try to do as a team.”

G.J. Gardner Homes has a proud heritage in New Zealand having been the clear market leader for over two decades.

The business, 100% NZ owned, is made up of the NZ Master franchise and 30 locally-owned and operated franchises, the majority of which are husband-and-wife teams.

The team have collectively built over 16,000 homes since 1997 and are a significant employer throughout the country.

At G.J.'s we are dedicated to a policy of certainty, trust and transparency, and we believe every person who builds a new home should be able to enjoy the experience. We understand that when it comes to building your home, nothing is more important than being able to rely on those people responsible for its construction, therefore we thank you for this honour.