Introducing more Family Series Plans

11 November 2015

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At G.J. Gardner Homes we continue to develop our plans to bring new ideas for home layouts to our customers. The Family Series range of plans is aimed at meeting the needs of New Zealand families, with enough space for comfortable living for all members of a modern family. Popular additions of media rooms, separate laundries, and larger walk in pantries are incorporated into many of the new plans.

Family Series plans, ranging from 160m2 – 210m2, are now available from your local franchise. Adding to the 210m2 – 235m2 range released earlier this year. While 10 further plans will be released soon in the ‘Family Series’ range which will be greater than 235m2 in floor area.

These plans follow our successful new format of presenting each floor plan in four different ‘looks’. The aim is to provide straightforward examples of how easy it is to totally transform the appearance of a home, yet retain the same functional floor plan. Although we have always been able to customise plans, we believe laying out examples from the start will only make the process easier and more enjoyable for our customers.

We believe it is best to start with your floor plan and get a layout that you like. Rather than have an exterior look in mind and try to incorporate a floor plan to fit. With the different ‘looks’ we show it is possible to create a different looking house on the same floor plan.

In the Family Series brochure book available now from your local G.J. Gardner Homes Office, customers will see three designs for each floor plan, while a fourth option is also included of one of the exterior designs shown in a different colour scheme. The names: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, are used to identify the different ‘looks’. Silver is the “entry level” model if you like, then Gold, and then Platinum for the higher specification ‘look’ for the additional investment. Through this new approach we are able to showcase a greater multitude of styles, displaying a broader range of our building capabilities.

We don’t want to imply that one ‘look’ is better than the others, as we understand that ‘look’ can be subjective, as what looks good to one person may not to the next. Certain materials and features do require additional investment and this is shown in the Silver, Gold, Platinum progression. As well as clearly showing the options of different looks available, another benefit of having the plans set out in these variations is the ability to easily identify the cost differences for the various different looks. Regional variations can occur; indicative prices can be requested from your local franchise office on application.

Developing these new plans has been a collaborative effort with members of our team from around the country having input. You can pick up your Family Series brochure copy from your nearest office or show home! Or view now in Our Designs