Green is the new Gold

New Zealand Housing is changing. Your land could be valuable in helping this occur.


New Zealand housing is changing. Your land could be extremely valuable in helping this occur.

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”, Mark Twain.

The growing population and increasing diversity of New Zealand requires alternate thinking to traditional new greenfield development. Busy lifestyles mean many people often want to simplify domestic duties and reduce commutes, or perhaps not spend their weekend mowing a lawn they seldom use.

To make things worse, many existing homes are cold, damp or even leaky, sitting atop larger sections within desirable suburbs, close to popular centres. Very frequently this poor quality undercapitalises values, or perhaps the time consuming lawn is the key to financial freedom and early retirement.

All of this has huge implications for your section, but what are the options available?

Knock Down Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild is often much better value than looking to the market for a new home. 

Do you love the section you’re on, but not the house you’re in?

Much of New Zealand’s existing housing stock is extremely poor quality, often being damp, cold and unventilated. Even more alarming is the number of homes considered to be ‘leaky’, with previous estimates suggesting between 42,000-89,000 homes defective nationally.

Beyond the obvious financial effects on property values, these problems have had a significant impact on respiratory illness rates, with New Zealand having amongst the highest rates of asthma in the world. It also costs our health system an estimated $6 billion a year.

Knock Down Rebuild allows you to stay living in your local area, whether for that beautiful view, the great school zone or your proximity to family, whilst still offering the flexibility of a new house with modern construction standards, designed and specified exactly the way you want.

Such freedom and flexibility often makes much more sense than trying to purchase an alternate home at current market value or even undertaking expensive renovations which often struggle to keep within budgets, particularly for leaky repairs.

The advantage of Knock Down Rebuild is even more apparent following a recent Land Use Regulation report highlighting that housing values have risen disproportionately to construction costs, meaning building new is potentially more affordable than buying existing – especially if you have had your section a few years. 

So if you love where you live, but don’t love the house you’re in, Knock Down Rebuild can potentially help you build lost equity, live in a warm, dry, modern home, all styled and configured perfectly to meet your lifestyle.

Interested to find out more? Why not check out what is possible on your section though our no obligation Preliminary Development Appraisal.

Infill Housing

Infill housing is a great way to turn your time consuming gardening chores into financial freedom.

Infill housing is defined as the construction of additional dwellings on to an existing residential site, through a process known as subdivision. Think putting a new house in your back yard, and it can be extremely financially rewarding!

The practice of infill housing is not new, since the 1970’s there have been many examples of infill developments. These have often reflected generous sections being subdivided in to smaller sites, with driveways two or three houses deep.

Infill housing is great for allowing newer housing stock in to an existing, well established, desirable suburb. The increase in housing stock allows better neighbourhood amenity, through more local shops, cafes, public transport and better roading, benefitting everyone.

Good school zones have also historically shown major influence on property desirability and values, often selling for huge premiums.

It can however be difficult to understand if your section is suitable. A good builder will have an experienced team ready and primed to help, offering to evaluate your existing home as to its suitability for infill housing. At G.J. Gardner Homes we offer a Preliminary Development Appraisal, providing a no obligation assessment of site potential, allowing peace of mind and professional guidance before any financial commitment is made.

Should your site prove suitable there are two main options are available:

Subdivide, Build: By subdividing your existing section a new house can be built. You could choose to live in one and sell the other, or live in one and rent the other. Or perhaps you could choose to sell them both. Either way, a brand new house in your existing area is a desirable prospect for many consumers.

Subdivide, Sell: By finding a buyer before final subdivision, you could avoid paying full subdividing costs without a buyer lined up. At G.J. Gardner Homes we can use our established sales channels to ensure this is done on your behalf. You can even set covenants to ensure your privacy requirements are met.

Alongside the significant financial return to you, infill housing is a responsible way of helping New Zealand grow. Helping to ease our publicised housing shortage, enhancing the quality of housing stock and limiting urban sprawl are all examples of why newer council planning objectives often favour this type of housing. 

Interested to find out more? Why not check out what is possible on your section though our no obligation Preliminary Development Appraisal.

Medium Density

Multiple houses on an existing site can provide potentially huge financial rewards, and it needn’t be hard with G.J!

Medium density developments allow multiple dwellings to be constructed on a single section, usually through the provision of a shared intertenancy wall, for example terraced houses.

Often referred to as the ‘missing middle’ within New Zealand, medium density offers many living benefits associated with detached housing, but without the negative perception often seen within higher density, apartment developments. The increased population mass and prevention of urban sprawl make these increasingly attractive to council planners.

There are also significant benefits of medium density to both a consumer and an owner-developer, with the reduction in land use per house, varied housing types, location, maintenance and affordability all key drivers. Modern design, with better noise control and streetscape appearance often mean such developments can be extremely attractive to a consumer, with successful medium density proven in many suburbs, for example Hobsonville Point, Auckland.

Widely recognised as a growing requirement for delivering housing variety to metropolitan neighbourhoods, medium density can easily cater for singles, couples and families. It could even be the catalyst you need to get rid of that cold, damp or leaky home, all whilst generating significant financial return!

Interested to find out more? Why not check out what is possible on your section though our no obligation Preliminary Development Appraisal.

What is a Preliminary Development Appraisal?

At G.J.’s we believe you should be fully informed before you make any financial commitment. Our Preliminary Development Appraisal puts you in control.

Deciding what to do with your section can seem a little overwhelming, particularly as many builders claim to be the ‘experts’. At G.J.’s we want to make you the expert, helping guide you to an informed choice about the potential for your land in line with your financial goals.

To help, we realise that you firstly need to understand if your section is suitable for development prior to making any financial commitments. Your local G.J. Gardner Homes franchise can provide a no obligation, Preliminary Development Appraisal, examining critical information on the potential value locked within your land, giving you peace of mind and guidance from the outset.

The appraisal lists a number of details on your property, including relevant zoning and covenants. This information is the starting point to evaluate your development options. If we don’t think it’s feasible or sensible, we’ll tell you!

Should the appraisal be positive and you decide on a particular type of development for your section, our professional teams and the use of carefully selected external partnerships can help navigate the often complicated requirements, ensuring your project is undertaken efficiently and hassle free, while providing maximum financial return and peace of mind to you.

More New Zealander’s trust us than any other builder, so find out what your options are by contacting your local G.J. Gardner Homes franchise and ask for our no obligation, Preliminary Development Appraisal today.